Welcome to the Marshall County Exceptional Center, or MCEC. Our organization is a 501C-3 private non-profit agency designed to serve individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. We are a multi-service agency as we focus on servicing people with various disabilities and have many programs intended for the disability population.

MCEC's Mission

To provide people with intellectual and developmental disabilities with opportunities to lead full and meaningful lives through training, support, and loving concern.

Our Goals

In order to achieve our mission, we are committed to the following goals:

  1. To provide a continuum of services appropriate to the developmental needs of the individual.
  2. To prevent institutionalization through the offering of community programs, alternative, direct, and supportive services.
  3. To promote the delivery of services for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities through the same resources and settings available to all citizens.
  4. To increase the skills of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities that are needed to participate in and contribute to the community. 
  5. To increase the public’s understanding of abilities and needs of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Along with MCEC’s day training program we also offer our individuals a nutritionally balanced hot meal during lunch through our Nutrition Program. Our Nutrition Program cooks and prepares meals that are delivered by the local Senior Citizens to provide the “Meals on Wheels” program to the elderly community.